Updates on COVID-19

District 16 and 23 Meetings

As a result of Coronavirus (COVID-19), the Province of Ontario has requested nonessential businesses and community spaces to shut down face-to-face operations. Therefore, most of the meetings in Windsor and Essex County are closed until further notice.

We do have A.A. members operating our Telephone Answering Service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and we will continue to do so. If you are looking to speak to somebody about your drinking please call one of the following number Windsor 519-256-9975 or Essex County 519-999-1234

We are committed to carrying the message of A.A to the still suffering alcoholic and serving the A.A. Fellowship.

We appreciate your understanding and invite you to click on the following informative links: 

Read the Basic Text of Alcoholics Anonymous

Read the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions

Visit The General Service Office website and read the Daily Reflections

Grapevine and La Viña are here to help

Due to the current changing health situation, many AA meetings across the U.S. and Canada are finding it safer to close. To help members during this time, Grapevine and La Vina are giving everyone free access to all of our 2020 Grapevine and La Viña issues. (The audio to Grapevine’s stories will be available as well, so people can listen to the stories if they like.) Please share with your fellows. We have also included a link to our YouTube channel with some original audio stories as well as other important information. To enter, visit www.aagrapevine.org/we-are-here-to-help 

For more information on Anonymity Online please see: Understanding Anonymity