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Important Information About This Directory

As embodied in the 4th Tradition, the information and operation of an AA Group resides with the group conscience of its members. While hopefully, every AA Group adheres to the guiding principles of the 12 Steps and 12 Traditions, District 16 neither monitors nor oversees the activities or practice of any AA Group. Groups and meetings listed in this directory appear at their own request. A directory listing does not constitute or imply approval or endorsement of any approach to, or practice of, the AA program. If you do not feel comfortable at a particular meeting you are completely free to explore until you feel that you belong.

Is There a Difference Between a Meeting and a Group?

Most A.A. members meet in A.A. groups as defined by the long form of our Third Tradition. However, some A.A. members hold A.A. meetings that differ from the common understanding of a group. These members simply gather at a set time and place for a meeting, perhaps for convenience or other special situations. The main difference between meetings and groups is that A.A. groups generally continue to exist outside the prescribed meeting hours, ready to provide Twelfth Step help when needed. A.A. groups are encouraged to get listed with G.S.O., as well as with their local offices: area, district, intergroup or central office.

    Windsor AA Meetings List