Throughout the year A.A. groups celebrate anniversaries, 
as well as offer annual conventions and workshops.
We also hold dances to celebrate various holidays.
 Upcoming events and announcements are listed on this page.


Note: To post an event, please forward original flyers in digital format to Public Information Committee at the district meeting.

 Remember to forward original artwork. We can't recreate flyers.  

The Hospital Committee

The Hospitals Committee has been put in place by the groups of District 16 so that A.A. members who have been hospitalized receive a visit from another A.A. member.

If you know of a member of your group, or a neighbouring group, who has been hospitalized and you would like someone to visit them, please contact the Hospitals Committee coordinator and they will bring a card and best wishes to the hospitalized person.

Mobile meetings are also available upon request.

Yours in service,
Hospitals Coordinator

To contact the Hospitals Coordinator, please see your groups` GSR

Monthly District Service Meeting
Meeting Schedule 2017

Tecumseh Golden Age Club
12421 Lanoue
1:00 p.m. on the second Sunday of each month

Note: The above meetings are business meetings of elected representatives of District A.A. groups to conduct District affairs. Meetings are open to all A.A. members who wish to observe the proceedings.

South Windsor Group
Annual Christmas Party

November 30, 2018
Pauline Memorial Church
6 PM
Click here for the Flyer